Bus &  Office Admin 3

This module covers buying and maintaining office supplies, petty cash procedures and defining and meeting clients' needs. This module also covers how to develop human resource principles.


This course forms part of the Advanced level in the ICB Office Administration Programme. The role of a good office manager not only needs someone who has authority and is respected, but also the knack of persuasion for all those trifling little things that need doing but tend not to get done. In addition, a basic knowledge of accounts or budgets is an advantage as usually the role involves monitoring or authorising expenditure and invoices and keeping basic office expenses as low as possible.


Institute of Certified Bookkeepers as a Quality Assurance Partner of the QCTO


• Management functions and organisational structure
• Concept of supervision
• Forms of ownership
• Principles of insurance
• The Human Resource Function
• Basic financial concepts for business
• How to manage yourself in the workplace
• Scan the media for relevant information
• Carry out forms analysis


This course is assessed by the ICB by means of a Portfolio of Evidence where you are required to complete Activities (assignments) and Evaluations (tests) and then complete a final written summative assessment (exam). Please be sure to verify that you have been registered for your assessment


This course is a short course as part of a national qualification. Once you have completed this course and the remainder of the level you will receive a national diploma.